The Reason Rally

By Carson Weitnauer at Reasons for God

On March 24th, Richard Dawkins and other atheists plan to host a “Reason Rally” in Washington, D.C. As their website explains, “The Reason Rally is an event sponsored by many of the country’s largest and most influential secular organizations.” The list of speakers includes P.Z. Myers, Dan Barker, Lawrence Krauss, David Silverman, and U.S. House Representative Pete Stark.

As “the largest secular event in world history”, they hope to deliver a unique message of “good news,” namely, “We’re huge, we’re everywhere, and we’re growing.” As part of this theme, they’ve promised to keep the experience positive, celebrate secular values, and avoid trashing religion.

As the event itself unfolds, we will see how well the organizers and participants keep to these promises.

How to respond?

First, at Reasons For God, we are convinced that the atheistic worldview is unable to sustain the conceptual framework necessary for the existence and use of reason. When you start to view people as “neuronal weather patterns,” as a strictly naturalistic worldview does, the idea of rational and moral deliberation becomes quite belabored.

To make this case at length, the first and major component of our response to the Reason Rally will be a book-length project. This ebook brings together thoughtful contributors from around the world to clearly explain that Christianity, not atheism, is the appropriate framework for the celebration of reason. Check back here for information on where to purchase it. To make this information accessible, we are planning to keep the price quite low.

Second, we are partnering with other thoughtful Christians to establish an intelligent and loving presence at the Reason Rally itself. You can find information on this person-to-person initiative at True Reason. The purpose of this gathering is to provide clarity for participants at the Reason Rally, and for interested media, that the secular claims to rationality are unwarranted and unsustainable.

Together, we hope that the book and person-to-person dialogue will be useful in providing thoughtful and intelligent reasons for open-minded people to reject the secular thesis and adopt the Christian worldview.

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