New EBook: Christians Respond to the Extreme Claims of the Reason Rally

Leading atheist Richard Dawkins has said, “The time has come for people of reason to say: Enough is enough! Religious faith discourages independent thought, it’s divisive and it’s dangerous.” Today, Christian thinkers from around the world announce the publication of the Patheos Press ebook “True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism.” This new book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Featuring chapters by Dr. William Lane Craig, Sean McDowell, and eleven other Christian scholars and thinkers, “True Reason” presents a well-reasoned rejoinder to the arrogance of the New Atheists and their upcoming “Reason Rally.” The book:

•Demonstrates New Atheist leaders’ consistent failure in the use of reasoning.
•Explains how the Christian faith and good reasoning work well together.
•Clarifies the reasonability of Christian practice now and throughout history.

“This is a book to encourage, inform, and equip Christian believers. It’s also bound to raise controversy,” said general editor Tom Gilson. “The careful reasoning of this book will deliver a tremendous challenge to the New Atheists as they prepare for their ‘Reason’ Rally in Washington. And it will benefit Christians long after that, by equipping them for challenges to the faith that are bound to keep on coming,”-

Here are a couple of reviews of the book so far:

“‘People of faith are biased,’ we are told. This critique is tossed so often at those who express faith in a personal God that we forget that those who express faith in atheism and secularism are themselves guilty of bias. There is no evidence to support Dawkins’ or Harris’ loud proclamations that they have secured their belief via reason. In fact, the evidence shows the opposite. Their loud diatribes and definitive conclusions show a lack of reason, and True Reason points this out. Reasonable people will take this content seriously.”John Stonestreet, Speaker, Radio Host, Author — The Point Radio, BreakPoint, and Summit Ministries

“One of the key talking points of the New Atheists is that theirs is the side of reason and evidence. It is a powerful rhetorical device; after all, who would want to be on the side of irrationality and ignorance? But the contributors to this wide-ranging volume call their bluff, inverting the charge and arguing that it is not atheism but Christian theism that has reason and evidence on its side. Anyone who engages with these arguments thoughtfully will discover that it is surprisingly difficult to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” -Timothy McGrew, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, Western Michigan University

“True Reason” is co-edited by Gilson, a ministry strategist and author working jointly with Campus Crusade for Christ and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and Carson Weitnauer, director of Telos Ministries, a campus ministry that reaches the intellectual elite at Boston area universities including Harvard.

The book is being released in conjunction with an initiative to bring dozens of thoughtful Christians to the Reason Rally, to create an obvious contrast between the Reason Rally and True Reason. The Reason Rally takes place on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on March 24, 2012, with headline speakers including Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, and Adam Savage of Mythbusters, and the rock band Bad Religion.

The united Christian outreach to the Reason Rally is being led by: Ratio Christi,, Reasons for God, The Apologetics Bloggers Alliance, and The Christian Apologetics Alliance.


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