Biblical Faith: A call for the commitment of the whole person

After reading David Naugle’s  Worldview: History of Concept I am even more convinced that  biblical faith also involves a commitment of the whole person. Naugle gives a refreshing view of how we might view epistemology (the study of knowledge). He says:

Ways of knowing the world complementing the capacities of sight and mind  should be also be embraced by believers in order to do justice to their  complete God-given natures and allow them to comprehend the totality of reality  in its rich multiplicity and fullness. Naugle goes onto quote what spiritual  writer Palker Palmer calls “wholesight,” which fuses sensation and rationality  into union with other, yet often neglected ways of knowing such as imagination,  intuition, empathy, emotion, and most certainly faith. In God’s epistemic  grace, he has provided a variety of cognitive capacities which are adequate for  and to be employed in grasping the diverse modes of created reality, and  ancient concept known as adaequatio. All capacities ought to be well employed  when it comes to apprehending the truth about God, humankind, and the cosmos,  else one suffers from metaphysical indulgence. As E. P Schumacher explains: “The answer to the question, what are man’s  instruments by which he knows the world outside him? is….quite inescapably  this: “Everything he has got”- his living body, his mind, his self aware  Spirit…It may even be misleading to say that man has many instruments of  cognition, since in fact, the whole man is one instrument…..The Great Truth of  adaequatio teaches us that restriction in the use of instruments of cognition  has the inevitable effect of narrowing and impoverishing reality.

Naugle goes on to say,

Thus, the heart of any Christians worldview worthy of the name ought to be the  lodestar of wholeness which offsets any form of epistemic myopia and reconnects  human subjects and created objects into sympathetic relation which  appropriately honors the diversity, unity, and sacred character of all aspects  of reality.



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