How did Jesus view the Bible?

A common tactic of Christian apologists (such as myself) is to offer evidence for the following points:

1.The New Testament documents are reliable
2. As witnessed in the New Testament, Jesus is God incarnate
3. Jesus’ claim to divinity was proven by an unique convergence of miracles/his resurrection
4. Therefore, Jesus was God in human flesh.
5. Whatever Jesus (who is God) affirmed as true, is true
6. Jesus teaches he had a high view of the Jewish Scriptures

So what was Jesus’ view of the Scriptures? Keep in mind, there was no New Testament during his minstry.

So here is what we can show:

Jesus recognized the entire whole of the Tanakh (the Old Testament) as seen in (John 5:38; Luke 24:44-46) and its three divisions (Mark 7:8-13;Matthew 13:13-14; John 10:34-35).

Jesus made references to 14 books of the Tanakh such as:

Genesis (Mark 10:6-8)

Exodus (Luke 18:20)

Numbers (John 3:14)

Leviticus and Deuteronomy (Luke 10:26-28)

1 Samuel (Mark 2:25)

1 Kings (Matt.12:42)

Psalms (Mark 12:10)

Isaiah (Luke 4:17-21)

Daniel (Matt.24:15)

Hosea (Matt. 9:13)

Jonah (Matt 12:40)

Zechariah (Matt.26:31)

Malachi (Matt. 11:10)

Jesus  believed in the historicity of  persons such as Abel (Luke 11:51); Noah and the Flood (Matt.24:37-39); Moses (John 3:14); David (Luke 20:41); Jonah and the fish (Matt. 12:40); God’s creation of  the divine institution of marriage (Matt.19:4-7); and the prophet Daniel (Matt.24:15)

Jesus submitted Himself to the authority of the Jewish Scriptures (Matt. 5:17;26:54; Luke 18:31)

Jesus had complete trust in the writings and teachings of the Tanakh. He appeals to them when tempted (Matt 4:4;7,10), His referring to God’s statement regarding marriage (Matt.19:4-6), and His argument for the doctrine of resurrection (Matt 22:29-32).

Jesus declared that all Scriptures could not be broken (John 10:35) [1]

[1] Floyd H. Barackman, Practical Christian Theology: Examining The Great Doctrines of the Faith (4th Ed. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2001), 256


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