Sources for Pro-life Apologetics

Thanks to J.W. Wartick for these resources:

My Posts

Check out all my posts on pro-life issues here. I’ve provided links and brief descriptions of the contents.

The Issue at the Heart of the Abortion Debate– An argument about how we can reduce the abortion debate to one issue.

From conception, a human– is the unborn really just a lump of cells? What does the scientific literature say? What are the arguments against this position?

Is Abortion Justified as Non-Intentional Killing? Explores the argument that abortion is justified as the non-intentional killing of an infant and finds it wanting.

Abortion: The Holocaust of Our Day– Briefly outlines many of the main arguments against abortion. Provides arguments for use in both secular and Christian circles.

Abortion rates are lower in countries where it is legal- some thoughts on recent pro-choice comments– I seek to show that the argument some pro-choice advocates have used related to recent data is quite weak.

A Violation of God’s Will: Abortion- Or, why no Christian should be Pro-Choice–  I make the argument that no Christian should be pro choice because abortion involves a direct violation of God’s will regarding the unborn. I use the reasoning of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the pastor who was martyred for his resistance to the Nazi holocaust. His words against the current holocaust on abortion are just as clear as those he directed against the Nazis.

Pro Life, Pro-Death Penalty, Pro-War, HYPOCRITE!– I analyze the notion that this triad of positions is hypocritical. I believe that pro-life and pro-just war are perfectly consistent, and that a pro-death penalty position can be held by someone who argues that life has intrinsic moral worth.

Crossing the Most Dangerous Line: How some bioethicists undermine humanity– I critique a recent argument made by a few bioethicists that the only thing wrong with killing is causing permanent disability.

Abortion: The Struggle Between Objectivity and Subjectivity – Argues that the pro-choice position is based on the assumption that there are no objective moral values.

Abortion Clinic Prayer Vigil – A description of my visit to an abortion clinic for a prayer vigil as part of 40 days for life.

Abortion: Further Issues– Provides additional arguments against abortion.

The “Triumph” of Our Era: Institutionalized Death– Examines pro-choice arguments for abortion and finds them wanting.

Abortion: What logical arguments are there? – Argues that the pro-choice position is irrational.

Abortion Advocate Quotes– Cites some chilling comments by pro-choice advocates.

Pro-Choice, unless you’re a man – Outlines the perplexing issue that the pro-choice position is supposedly all about “choice”, but doesn’t want men making any choices.

Abortion: The Minority Rules – Shows recent polling data that pro-life is the majority position, despite the legality of abortion.

Book Review: Abortion and Unborn Human Life – A review of a work which argues against abortion.

The Pro-Life position and the Bible Discusses Bible verses which support the pro-life position and provides counters to pro-choice Christians who assert the Bible doesn’t point towards a pro-life position.


Here are links for other sites which address pro-life issues:

Abolish Human Abortion– The movement to abolish human abortion is one we cannot ignore. We must take part. Arise, Church! Arise, those who value life. I highly recommend this site and their resources. A//∀ is thoroughly grounded in truth. They call to the Church to step out of its comfort zone and aid the helpless. They focus the debate on the struggle between those views of mankind which do not value human life and the Christian position, which upholds justice and the sanctity of life.

Life Training Institute– This site provides a number of resources for learning about the arguments against abortion. I highly recommend it.


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