What Do You Want To Accomplish In 2013?

So are you are a Christian who is really interested in Christian apologetics? Given this next year is about to start, what do you want to accomplish in in 2013? You have plenty of New Year’s resolutions. But here are some of tips:

1. Set realistic and time- bound goals: I can speak from experience and say that unless I set very specific goals with a start and end date, it doesn’t get done! Feel free to check out this Apologetics 315 link as to how to make a contribution to apologetics.

2. Pray over your goals and surround yourself with people who can help you:  The good news is that over the last couple of years apologists are coming together to accomplish great things for the advancement of the reign of God. I see a lot of synergy between Christian apologists. There are plenty of high quality apologetics blogs/websites (see to the right here on our blog picks) that can be utilized.  Many of us post and share material on our sites. Rather than just trying to make name for ourselves, God gets glory from his children when they work together!

3. Learning: What areas of study do you want to focus on this year?  Remember, you can’t learn everything at once. Maybe you want to spend more time studying philosophy or linguistics? Maybe you want to spend more time focusing on learning about various religions and how to answer their apologetic arguments?  There are many areas that are continually being debated .

4. Evangelism: So you have been brushing up on the arguments and building your knowledge. But deep down you know you need to  put it into practice. What are your strategies for evangelism? Who is your circle of influence? Maybe God wants you to take the initiative and talk to someone about the Gospel? The point is unless we get out of our comfort zones  we will not grow. The busyness of life and personal challenges can make us hardened and complacent to those around us. We need to pray for boldness and ask God to give us a broken heart for people around us.

These are just a few tips for the New Year. May God bless you with the energy you need to accomplish what you lay before Him!


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