6 questions every pastor must ask about their family

Thanks to Student Ministry Network for this resource

I’ve been learning more and more that there are a lot of things I say I believe, but my actions don’t always fully support those “beliefs” as consistently as I want them to.

These lessons have resulted in many changes over the past two years. I’m very excited about the implications they’re having for me, my family, my ministry, and especially my walk with the Lord.

Here’s a few questions I wrestle with that have led to a lot of changes in my own family and ministry over the past two years.

How would you answer these questions?

Do you have a stronger vision for your youth ministry than you do for your family?
Where does most of your best creative energy go: to the youth ministry or to your family?
Do you pour more energy into spiritual conversations with church members or with your family?
Does your family feel like ministry is something that unites you together as a team or something that just pulls you away from them?
Do your actions reflect that your family is your primary ministry and passion?
What’s your discipleship plan for your spouse and children?
These questions point to something far greater than youth ministry. I think you can pick up on what that is.

This isn’t about keeping the two in balance with each other — this is about tipping the scales completely in favor of what’s greater.


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