Interview: Talking with Co-Author Casey Luskin About Discovering Intelligent Design

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Today, Discovery Institute Press released a new intelligent design (ID) curriculum for homeschool and private school educators, Discovering Intelligent Design. Co-authored by Gary Kemper, Hallie Kemper, and Casey Luskin, it’s the first ID curriculum to comprehensively introduce the case for design in both cosmology and biology. For more information about the curriculum, and to order your copy or copies, visit Here’s an interview that ENV conducted with Discovering ID co-author Casey Luskin about the curriculum.

ENV: First of all, congratulations on the publication of Discovering Intelligent Design! The book looks great and clearly it fills an important niche. Tell us about how it fits in the library of pro-ID books.

A: For years we’ve received inquiries from educators of all kinds — but particularly from homeschool and private school educators — asking for an introductory intelligent design (ID) curriculum. While there’s a ton of great ID literature out there, somehow a comprehensive and very basic ID curriculum had never been produced. So we always had to answer “Sorry, but the ID curriculum you’re looking for doesn’t exist.”

As you might expect, it became tiresome — even embarrassing — to keep giving that answer. So, when the opportunity arose, we decided to produce an introductory ID curriculum. That curriculum is Discovering Intelligent Design.

ENV: What is the specific audience you were seeking to reach, and why?

A. Discovering Intelligent Design is a versatile curriculum suitable for a wide variety of readers, but it’s focused on reaching homeschool or private school students from advanced middle-school to high-school age. That said, a lower-level college class might also find it useful, especially if the readers aren’t already familiar with ID.

While officially it’s a textbook, Discovering ID reads like any book for an interested general readership. That means that if you’re just a layperson, or even a self-motivated student looking for an easy-to-read introduction to ID, Discovering ID could be an ideal resource.

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