Isaiah 53 in 20th Century Jewish Evangelism: by Mitch Glaser

This is a very helpful paper by Mitch Glaser who is president of Chosen People

One little expert from it:

Most Jewish people today do not believe in nor understand atonement:

The message of Isaiah 53 is not simply that Jesus is the Messiah, but that He died as a substitutionary sacrifice for our sin. Most Jewish people today do not believe in sin and if they did, it is doubtful they will believe that atonement made on their behalf by someone else is possible. This is a very large obstacle in presenting Isaiah 53 to a modern or contemporary Jewish person.

            Most modern Jewish people believe as most people in general believe – that what we accomplish in this life, we accomplish for ourselves. Here we have a dual-edged sword – the detestation of the notion of animal sacrifice and the disavowal of redemption or any type of spiritual good being the result of another person’s efforts on our behalf. Modern Jews are taught to “do it our way” alone.

 Most  Jewish people today detest the idea of animal sacrifice:

It is almost impossible to understand this chapter without knowing and taking seriously the Jewish sacrificial system outline in the Bible in Leviticus chapters 1 through 5. We claim, based on Isaiah 53, that Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice, but most modern Jews believe that animal sacrifice is barbaric and unnecessary.



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