This was written by my friend Jason Wisdom. Good stuff!

By Jason Wisdom at Becauseitstrue:

As some of you know, I played in a band for a long time–did 6 full length albums and played shows in more than a dozen countries. But when I think back to the concert that effectively secured us a recording contract, it is almost laughable. We looked like total goobers, our songs were barely tolerable, it was outside, in the middle of summer, and on top of all that, I had completely lost my voice. We played a totally instrumental set. But it caught the ear of the right person at the right time and the rest is history.

So why do I tell you that amusing little anecdote? Well, it will take one more short story to bridge the gap. You see, I had a phone conversation with a friend last week who explained that he had played in a band, written nearly 30 songs, but never played a concert or recorded an album. They just never felt like they were ready.

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