You Cannot Prove the Existence of God!

This was written by my friend Mark McGee

I was an atheist when I first said that to a Christian about 45 years ago. I must say it felt pretty good to say those words. It makes one feel superior to tell a person they cannot prove something they believe. Most Christians I said that to personally and on my radio talk show either crumbled or exploded at that point. Either reaction was fine with me.

I am no longer an atheist, but still believe the statement to be true. We cannot “prove” the existence of God, but we don’t have to.

Before I believed in God, I thought the only things that were real were those things I could prove through my senses–sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. I had never seen God, never heard God, never touched God, never tasted God, never smelled God, and didn’t know anyone who had. I dared God to sit down in a radio studio for a live interview during my afternoon talk show back in 1970. I gave him ten seconds to show up, but He didn’t appear. I sarcastically told the audience that God must be under the weather or away on vacation.

That’s the way many people think today. They believe some of what they see and little or nothing of what they don’t see. If it isn’t on TV or YouTube or some other visual media or they can’t see it with their own eyes, it doesn’t exist.

Why is it that God won’t show Himself to us? If God exists, He certainly must want people to believe He exists. Why doesn’t He show Himself to the world? Why no absolute proof?

It’s important to remember that God has shown Himself to lots of people in the past. That’s what takes up a lot of the discussion between Christians and atheists. Christians believe God did appear to hundreds of thousands of Israelites in the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan. Christians believe God did appear to scores of Hebrew kings and prophets and priests. Christians believe the Son of God did appear to thousands of people in Israel during a period of 30+ years.

Atheists say “prove it.” They want to see God with their own eyes or at least in a video they can verify wasn’t altered. Why didn’t God come in the flesh now so He could be photographed and filmed and recorded and stamped with our approval? Why did He come to earth 2,000 years ago before radio, television, still photography, videography, and satellites?

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