Do You Think About God As He Truly Is?

Have you noticed this is always an issue when we talk to people about God. Tom Gilson addresses it here:

By Tom Gilson at Thinking Christian

If these questions don’t challenge you to the depth of your intellect, you’re not thinking of God as God really is:

Read through the list, and then I’ll explain more of what I meant by that.

  • When God created space, where did he put it?
  • Where did God get the idea of energy and matter?
  • When God caused the beginning of the created order, what gave him the idea of “beginning”?
  • Where did beauty come from?
  • What processes and methods did God use to create the universe?

These questions all treat the Creator as if he were like us: drawing on resources outside ourselves, working with given materials, in a given place, at a given time.

This is not who God is.

Beyond Our Comprehension

Can you imagine making something and not putting it anywhere? Can you imagine it not being somewhere in relation to where you are? The space God created has no spacial relationship to himself. He is, in a sense, both inside it and outside it at the same time. He is completely and totally present in the room where you sit, and yet the entire created order cannot contain him. He is where you are and where I am, but if you traveled here from where you are, you would not pass through any part of God, for he has no parts.

To read on, click here:


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