Stephen T. Davis: Apologetics Quote of the Day

Several years ago I read Stephen T. Davis’s book called Risen Indeed: Making Sense of the Resurrection  (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1993). I found this brilliant quote from him that is now being passed around in apologetic circles. In regards to the need for apologetics, Davis says the following:

“In truth, faith needs apologetics. It needs it both to answer both the negative arguments of the resurrection and to construct positive arguments in favor of it. Apologetics will not create faith, but perhaps, for some, it will pave the way for it or make it possible. What is destructive of genuine Christian faith, in my opinion, is not apologetics, but unfounded beliefs, unjustified commitments. Unsound arguments are irrational leaps of faith. It is the aim of apologetics to prevent Christian faith from amounting to anything like that.” -pg 187

So for all you laboring apologists that can’t get your churches motivated to learn apologetics, please use this quote for the glory of God!


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