The Three Things You Need to Read this Week by Matt Rawlings

Here, the immortal Matt Rawlings gives us his three picks for what we need to read this week:   

While everyone was trying to figure out how to unsee Justin Bieber stripping down at an award show, I was compiling The Three Things You Need to Read this Week:

1. The great and powerful Wintery Knight breaks down William Lane Craig’s response to the question, “Are atheists right to say that you can’t prove a universal negative like “God does not exist”?

2. Author Mike Duran posted on How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 (More) Quick Questions.  If you’re a horror fan like me, be sure to check out Mike’s books as well.

3. Finally, Jason Wisdom at Because It’s True posts on  Ray Rice and the Abortion Debate.  As a longtime pro-life advocate (even when I was an atheist libertarian) I admit to wrestling with just the question Jason tackles.

That’s it for now. Be sure to tune back in next week for more on apologetics and the Christian worldview.  Until then, be sure to check out all of the links to the right and never go a day without clicking Greg West’s The Poached Egg, which is The Drudge Report of the Christian faith.

Grace and peace to you all.


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