Simply The Best: James Warner Wallace

The other day, our Ratio Christi chapter hosted James Warner Wallace at our Ohio State University Chapter. In my personal and humble opinion, I think James is simply one of the top speakers in historical apologetics. His approach to the Gospels is unique and he is a tremendous asset to the Church.  James is also a fantastic example for someone that wants to truly help others become Christian Case Makers.

One thing that stands out to me about James approach is his evidential based apologetic approach. I previously wrote a post called “Why Christians Can’t Avoid Being Evidentialists” I am convinced that if Christians really sat down and looked at all the competing revelatory/religious experience claims, they would see that they can’t afford not to go deeper on the evidential based approach. That’s why Jim’s work is so important. So try to pick up the book Cold Case Christianity or watch James speak online. He has a lot to offer. I think he is and will be used by God for the years to come.
Here is a small clip where James was on The One Minute Apologist.





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