Is Christianity incompatible with quantum physics?

Good article here by Tassos Lycurgo    

A little over a month ago, I published in this blog a text about the multiverse theory (or the parallel universes), in which I said that it was one of the most common subjects people address in the Q&A sessions after the lectures I give on the existence God. There’s another subject that always comes with the former one. I’m talking about the subject of quantum physics. In today’s chat, we’ll be talking about quantum physics and how it relates to Christianity.

In order to explain quantum physics (or quantum mechanics, if you prefer) in a very simple way, I’d like to ask you to imagine a basketball game. In this sport, there are three types of shots. There are the one-point shot, the two-point shot, and the three-point shot, right? What is not possible is having a player scoring half of a point, or 0.75 point, correct? Therefore, as the smallest value that the score can increase is one point, we can say that one point is the quantum in basketball.

How does it apply to physics? Simple. Max Planck discovered that when we heat any material, the radiation it emits does not increase is a gradual manner. Radiation increases in leaps, it increases in packets of energy. He called these packets of energy quantum.

Now we can understand what the term quantum means. Let’s now see how the quantum physics began. Well, it was mainly due to another scientist: Niels Bohr.

The problem was that: the way we understood the atom until then was generating many problems in physics. Nobody knew how atoms behaved in such a stable way, for when we applied the theory (in particular Maxwell’s equations) to the understanding of the atomic world, the theory would tell us that such stability would not be possible.

Bohr then had a great idea. Since we knew no theory that could adequately explain the atomic behavior, he thought: what if we apply Planck’s quantum concept to the atomic world and see what happens? In an absolutely stunning fashion, quantum concept applied to the atomic world began to produce results that coincided with those obtained by experiments. This was the embryo of what we call quantum physics.

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