Most Popular Posts of 2014

Here are the posts that got the most traffic on our blog here in 2014. Feel free to give them a read! Happy 2015!

1. Six Signs That You May Be Ashamed of the Gospel

2. Why Does Opposition to Apologetics Come From Mostly Within the Church?

3. What About Pastors Who Avoid Controversy? Three Areas Where Pastors and Ministry Leaders Need to Teach and Preach On

4. Evidence We Want and Evidence We Should Expect: A Look at Paul’s Letters

5. A Look at the Jesus Story, Oral Tradition and Eyewitness Memory

6. What did the Disciples See? A Closer Look at the Resurrection Appearances

7. Are There Over 300 Messianic Prophecies?

8. Poll shows Atheists and Christians are Using a Different Definition of Faith


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