How Biblical Prophecy is Unclear and Why- Michael S. Heiser

Here is a helpful clip by Michael S. Heiser again. I always find with either Jewish anti-missionaries or atheists, they always want the what Richard Longenecker calls “mathematical precision.”  Longenecker says:

So-called ‘proof from prophecy’ of a direct nature has always been a factor in both a Jewish and a Christian understanding of fulfilment. Sadly, however, some see this as the only factor, and so lay out prophecy-fulfilment relations in a manner approximating mathematical precision. Starting from such basic theological axioms as that there is a God in charge of human affairs and that historical events happen according to his will, they point to a few obvious instances where explicit predictions have been literally fulfilled (as Mi. 5:2, quoted with variation in Mt. 2:5-6) and move on from there to construct an often elaborate and ingenious ‘biblical’ apologetic that is usually more ‘gnostic’ than biblical. To read on, click here:

Anyway, if you want to also know why prophecy seems a bit cryptic of not explicit at times, I also suggest reading Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of Mystery by Beale and Gladd. Then if you are really bored, you can see out post here called “Are There Over 300 Messianic Prophecies?”


2 thoughts on “How Biblical Prophecy is Unclear and Why- Michael S. Heiser

  1. Gavriel May 12, 2015 / 4:23 pm

    Biblical prophecy is “unclear” because of the ‘Schofield Bible’ commentaries, Robert Anderson’s book ‘The Coming Prince’, Hal Lindsey’s book ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’ and the prophecy gurus of the 70’s and 80’s expanding their lies in 100’s of books and sermons!

    Through them, the “Seventy Week” prophecy out of Daniel 9:24-27 became a bed where the lies took refuge and continued to be hidden behind for the past 45 years!

    That prophecy is EXACTLY what it says it is, Seventy Shavuot or Feast of WEEKS that fall within a 69 full years timeframe that ends on September 20, 2017.

    The last Shavuot #70, will fall on May 31, 2017, the 69 years began on September 15, 1947, with the first Feast of Weeks/Shavuot falling on June 13, 1948.

    What may be too hard to contemplate but must be contemplated FULLY, is that Shavuot #68 is but 12 days away and is the day many believe the Messiah, will fulfill Micah 5:2-5 and Revelation 12:9-17.

    On that day he will stand before his brethren, in the strength and majesty of the Name of his God for a “time, time and half time” until the great resurrection!

    Remember CERN, the “storm maker” has their sites on Saturn and May 23, 2015 when it is at opposition.

    Isaiah 21 is being fulfilled as I write, their will be “two days” of great tribulation before Shavuot #68, Isaiah 26:20, Isaiah 28:19-21, Hosea 6:1-3 and Matthew 24:29-31.

    Bible prophecy IS NOT UNCLEAR, Seventy Feasts of Weeks WERE DETERMINED on November 29, 1947, when by a vote at the United Nations gave Israel the right to statehood!

    What happened is the flock believed the commentaries and the books and what they were told and didn’t search the scriptures and are now ready to be swept away in a flood because they not only believed the MAN MADE lies but LOVED them, thinking they would escape in a “rapture”.

    Now if I was you, now go read the seventh verse from the end of “The Book”, Revelation 22:15.

    Notice that OUTSIDE the city gates are six groups who can’t get in, but only ONE has TWO adjectives associated with it.

    Now is the time to REPENT, to get back in the city, “behold, he’s coming quickly! Gavriel, An Ezekiel 33:6 watching one

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