An Open Letter to Pastors And Ministry Leaders About Apologetics

I wrote this post in May of 2014. So you may ask, “Did anything come out of it?” Well keep in mind I already have to utilize apologetics in almost all my outreach attempts where I am at. In other words, it isn’t optional to not know apologetics on a college campus or for that matter, anywhere else. I wrote about this here:

If you read the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13, Jesus never said we are to ignore places where the soil is hard! We are to go everywhere and share the Good News! Anyway, after I wrote this post, I did get to be in a radio show which didn’t lead to a whole lot. And I am being asked to teach some apologetic classes at a local church this Fall. But ironically, the two pastors that have asked me to teach the class this Fall never read this post. Now keep in mind, I have had the opportunity to lead an apologetics ministry on a major college campus. So I am not complaining!

Anyway, here is what I wrote in May of 2014.

Dear Pastor and Ministry Leaders,

I know a lot of different pastors and ministry leaders. I have spoken in a lot of different denominations. Trust me in that I know how hard it is to be a pastor. I also know you get pulled in a lot of different directions. In many cases you have to counsel, teach and exegete the Bible, and possibly manage a budget. And then you are still trying to minister to your own family. It can be rough. And believe me in that you are appreciated.

But I wanted to ask if you feel your congregation is prepared to face a growing reality all around us. We are living in a post- Christian culture! We are living in Babylon. You may say “No, we are a Christian country.” To read more about this see here. We are country with many different religions. Furthermore, secularism is taking root all around us. Did you know that some atheists are even more evangelistic than some of your congregants? Yes, they actually spend time and money having conferences to equip people to actually try to stumble and deconvert religious people.You can see some of the latest billboards going up in Cleveland, Ohio. As you probably know, the advocates of same sex marriage have stifled many Christians. If we even try to speak up, we are viewed as bigots and intolerant. Did you know that many, many youth who attend your church will walk away from the faith in college? You may say “No way!” How about giving this clip a view? Or, see some of the objections that I’ve heard over the years here:

Some think the primary goal of the local congregation is to edify each other and stay inside the four walls of our churches. Well, as you know, that is not what the Bible teaches. We are called to be salt and light into all areas of our culture. Let me also ask you this: Do the people inside the four walls of the congregation where you are have lots of lingering questions? Do you think they are confident in what they believe? Or, do you think many of them are terrified to engage the culture? Deep down, is it possible that they are possibly thinking that Christianity is not much different from any other faith? Just imagine what a confidence boost it could be for them to have some serious training on how to defend their faith. Hence, they know they can share it in the public square!

So why do I bring all this up? I know for a fact that myself and others have invested hours into the branch of theology called Christian apologetics. We have a passion to help Christians engage his culture. We want to see confident Christians who want to share their faith and know that their beliefs can hold up under scrutiny. Apologetics is all throughout the Bible. Just see my post called “Who Were the First Apologists?” Now don’t get me wrong. I know apologetics is only ONE brick in someone’s foundation. Every Christian needs to be rooted in community and spiritual disciplines. They need the whole package. But speaking from experience, being equipped to defend your faith in the public square is an important component of discipleship. So having said this, please pray and consider having myself or some of my other friends come to your congregation and do an Apologetics seminar. I know some people will read this are not located in Columbus, Ohio. But I know a lot of people across the United States. I am sure I can recommend a local resource to you.

Time is wasting away. It is my hope and prayer that we don’t keep making the same mistakes that this author says here. His article is called “The Tragedy of the Dumb Church.”
Blessings and feel free to contact us at if you want more information.


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