Lecture on Jewish Eschatology/Jewish Messianism

For anyone that is interested, here is a lecture and ppt from the Xenos Summer Institute here in Columbus, Ohio. It took place last week (July 15-17th)  and Mike Licona, myself and others were some of the speakers there. I had alot of material packed in here. But the good news is there is a ppt with it.  Here is an explanation about the title:

The Bible is a Jewish book that speaks of the coming of the Jewish Messiah for the benefit of his people and the entire world. What did the Jewish people believe about eschatology at the time of Jesus? What was the role of the Jewish Messiah and the end of the world? What does the Old Testament teach about eschatology? How should these issues impact a Christian’s view of eschatology today?

I was happy to see there was alot of interest in this topic.

Here is the link for the material. 


2 thoughts on “Lecture on Jewish Eschatology/Jewish Messianism

  1. SLIMJIM July 28, 2015 / 7:39 am

    Wow thanks for sharing this!

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