Frank Turek on ” Science Doesn’t Say Anything, Scientists Do!”


“Since all data needs to be interpreted, science doesn’t say anything, scientists do. As we saw with the different conclusions drawn from the same evidence in the O. J. Simpson trial, a person’s worldview can dramatically affect how he or she interprets the evidence. Is it any wonder then why those with a materialistic worldview conclude that an unguided evolutionary process is responsible for life, regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Worldview differences between atheists and theists don’t affect operation questions much—there is vast agreement there—but they do affect origin (historical) questions. That’s where all the controversy exists. When investigating historical questions (the origin of the universe, life, and new life-forms), scientists should look for the best explanation by using the principle of uniformity—that causes in the past were like those in the present. Scientists open to intelligent causes do that, while most atheistic scientists do not. Although there is no consensus on the definition of science, most agree at a minimum that science is a search for causes. There are two types of efficient causes: natural and intelligent.
While theists are open to both natural and intelligent causes, atheists tend to rule out intelligent causes on account of their materialistic worldview. When they do, as atheist Richard Lewontin admitted, they often arrive at “counterintuitive” conclusions that are “against common sense.” Science is built on philosophy, as are all fields of study. Science is just one method of discovering truth and is limited in scope. Like a metal detector, science can only help us detect certain cause-and-effect relationships. God and science are not competing explanations for the universe and life, any more than Henry Ford and the laws of internal combustion are competing explanations for the Model T. Both are necessary. Learning more about how a car works will never disprove the existence of the carmaker. Likewise, learning more about how the natural world works (which enables us to make technological advances) will never disprove the existence of the Creator or Sustainer of the natural world. God is not a “God of the gaps.” He isn’t an imaginary being that we invent to explain gaps in our knowledge about nature. God is required to explain why nature—with its consistent natural laws and goal-directed processes—continues to exist at all, and why our minds can discover and measure this rationally intelligible universe. In other words, God is necessary to make science itself possible. Atheists can do science only by stealing several immaterial realities from God.
These include orderly natural laws, the laws of logic, the laws of mathematics, the laws of morality, our ability to reason, etc.  The general public doesn’t often recognize that operation science—the science that most often brings us technological advances—is not the same as origin or historical science. Therefore, when atheistic scientists speak on matters of history, the public tends to believe them due to the prestige of “science.” Unfortunately, the “scientific” conclusions offered are often materialistic philosophy flown under the banner of science. Intelligent design is not a “science stopper.” Materialism and Darwinism are. While ID scientists predicted function for the noncoding regions of DNA, many Darwinists stopped science because they erroneously predicted it was just “junk” left over from evolutionary trial and error. Moreover, many atheists committed to the ideology of materialism are politicizing science, harassing scientists, stifling research, and hurting progress. Progress is never served when ideologues rule all counterevidence inadmissible.” – Frank Turek, Science, Science Doesn’t Say Anything, Scientists Do!, from Stealing From God, Why Atheists Need To Make Their Case.




2 thoughts on “Frank Turek on ” Science Doesn’t Say Anything, Scientists Do!”

  1. Patrick . November 26, 2015 / 1:24 am

    Hello, This separation of science is what young-earthers do, not scientists. The separation does not exist in science. I just lost a lot of respect for a book I was looking forward to reading. Christians do not need to resort to these false definitions to provide a robust case for the existence of God. Patrick.

    Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 00:25:53 +0000 To:

    • chab123 November 26, 2015 / 1:49 am

      Hi Patrick, the irony is that nether Frank nor myself is a YEC. So I am sure that wasn’t his intention in making those points. I do agree that all science does need interpretation. Science is the process of understanding the world by drawing the right interpretations from the evidence. Not sure what the problem is with that. Anyway….

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