“So if Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, Why Don’t the Majority of Jewish People Accept Him?” A Look at Anti-Semitism

“The more significance we Christians, recognize in Jesus, God’s self revelation in fullest form possible within humanity, the more we need to recall that this incarnation took place  precisely in a Jew- Jesus the Jew”-James Dunn

While I have published many posts on theological objections to Jesus by the Jewish community, I am headed into different territory here. This is one of the most disturbing, yet sobering documentaries I have seen in a while. The documentary discusses the issues of Anti-Semitism in Church history, the current debate about the land of Israel,  the Holocaust, and the Islamic hatred of the Jewish people. I guess I wonder how many Christians are educated about these issues.  The documentary features Michael L. Brown, Joel Richardson and others. It is ironic that it is this time of the year that Christians celebrate the birth of the greatest Jewish man to ever live. Yet, many of the same Christians and others throughout Church history act as if they have never read Romans 9-11.


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