Historical Evidence and the Hand We Have Been Dealt

Image result for pictures of a deck of cards

This past week Dr. Michael Licona did a presentation on the resurrection of Jesus for our Ratio Christi chapter at The Ohio State University. During the talk he mentioned that we have to deal with the hand we have been dealt. In other words, by using a card analogy, we have to realize when it comes to looking at the sources for resurrection, we have been given a deck of cards. This is the hand we have and we have to work with what we have. Some sources will be considered Jacks, Kings, Queens, and Aces. It really depends on several factors as to what we will consider to be the top cards in our deck. I found this to be a helpful analogy.

If you ever want to examine our deck of cards and the objections that people raise against the hand we have been dealt, see our page here  HISTORICAL EPISTEMOLOGY: RESOURCES ON THE HISTORICAL JESUS AND HISTORICITY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT.

Also see our post What Can We Know About Jesus? 25 Suggested Readings


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