Six Signs You Might Be Guilty of Political Idolatry

Given there is so much attention on the elections and how it is evident Christians won’t be able to get their candidate in office, here is my checklist for some things to look for that will prevent you from falling into political idolatry:

#1: You look at the current candidates and say, “If so and so wins, America is done. It is all over.”

#2: You say, “If so and so wins, Jesus must be coming soon and we are living in the last days.”

#3: You say, ” If so and so wins, God is bringing judgement to America.”

#4: You actually think unless you get a perfect Christian candidate in office, God can’t accomplish his work.

#5: You actually think Christian candidates are always more competent than non Christian candidates.

#6: You talk, study, and think about the current political issues more than God, or your Bible. For that matter, you have more passion for politics than sharing your faith or discipling  anyone. Perhaps you follow politics 24/7 and share your faith with nobody?

Now having said all this, I would love to have a competent Christian in office. But Christians need to realize they need to stop looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate. It isn’t going to happen. I also suggest reading this article called “So We’re in a Clinton/Trump America. Now What?