“Has Physics Gotten Something Really Important Really Wrong?”

Here is a really interesting article.

Note Point #1

“There is only one universe. For lots of folks, this might seem like a no-brainer. The “uni” in universe is supposed to mean “everything there is.” Over the last few decades, however, multiverse cosmologies have gained acceptance via both inflationary Big Bang models and the “landscape” of string theory, which appears to predict 10500 possible universes. Unger and Smolin push back against these developments saying the proper field of study for cosmology is the one universe to which we have access. As Unger puts it: “We have reason to believe in the existence of only one universe at a time, the universe in which we find ourselves. Nothing science has discovered up to now justifies the belief that our universe is only one of many… The multiplication of universes in contemporary cosmology … has been the outcome of an attempt to convert … an explanatory failure into an explanatory success.”

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