Looking at the Objection: “History Always Written By the Winners?”

Whenever I talk to people about the reliability of the New Testament, I sometimes hear the  response, “But history is always written by the winners.” Do people really know what they mean when they say this? Not really. They generally mean that all history is unknowable.Therefore, we can’t possibly think the New Testament is reliable. I could approach this  objection in several ways. But for now let me say this: If we posit that history is always written by the winners is to insinuate that we can’t know much of anything in history, then I have a question: How do we know who the winners are unless the history we are looking at is somewhat reliable enough to tell us who the winners were? Therefore, the entire premise is self-defeating. Please drop it! Also, remember, the first followers of Jesus were not the winners. See our post “The Embarrassment of a Crucified Messiah.


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