Daniel Boyarin Lecture on Two Powers of Heaven


Here is a 25-minute video of Jewish studies / rabbinic scholar Daniel Boyarin (UC-Berkeley) is discussing rabbinic material on the two powers in heaven. Boyarin is one of the few Jewish / rabbinic scholars who pay special attention to the two powers idea. It was filmed in Russia, but you can disregard the Russian text / subtitles. As you might suspect, it’s fascinating to hear about this material from a rabbinics expert.


For those that aren’t familiar with Boyrian’s work, he released a book a ways back called The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ. In it, he argues that the deity of Jesus is not something that  broke from Jewish beliefs and teachings. Jesus and his followers, Boyarin shows, were simply Jewish. What came to be known as Christianity came much later, as religious and political leaders sought to impose a new religious orthodoxy that was not present at the time of Jesus’s life.

For those that want to go deeper on the Two Powers topic, see Alan Segal’s work: