“What if Jesus Had Not Been Resurrected from the Dead?”

When it comes to the follower of Jesus the Messiah, one of the most important doctrines is the resurrection of Jesus. Biblical faith is not simply centered in ethical and religious teachings. Instead, it is founded on the person and work of Jesus the Messiah.  Most recently, someone asked me “What did the resurrection of Jesus accomplish? So i decided to make a list of all the things that wouldn’t be possible if Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead. So here goes:

“What if Jesus Had Not Been Resurrected from the Dead?”

  1. We are still dead in our sins (1 Cor 15: 1-17; Eph. 2:1-6).
  2. There could not have been an ascension without it (Acts 1: 9-11).
  3. No ascension means there is no foundation for the local congregation (Eph. 4: 10-13).
  4. There is no sending of the Holy Spirit by Jesus (John 7: 37-39;14:26;15:26;16:7).
  5. There is no new birth/supernatural regeneration (John 3:3-7).
  6. There is no New Covenant (Jer.31: 31-34).
  7. Jesus cannot fulfill the role of our advocate and intercessor (1 John 2:2; Rom 8:34).
  8. Jesus is a false prophet (Deut. 18:22; Matt 12: 38-40).
  9. Jesus cannot be the everlasting and eternal Davidic King (2 Sam. 7:16; Ps. 21:14; 72:17; 89:36-37; Jer. 33:17; Rom 1:1-5).
  10. Jesus could not be installed as Son of God (Rom. 1:4), universal Lord (Rom. 14:9; Eph. 1: 20-21; Phi. 2: 9-11), and judge of the living and the dead (Acts 17:31).
  11. There is no return without it (Zech. 14:1-21). Just as Jesus ascended in a physical sense, he will return in the same way (Acts 1: 11).
  12. There is no daily victory over sin (Rom. 6:1-11).

    What Difference does the Resurrection of Jesus Make on a Daily Basis?

    1. Self-denial is a real possibility (Luke 9:23; Phil 3:7-10). We have empowerment to deny our self-interests and obey the Lord.

  1. The resurrection enables us to be overcomers in suffering:(Paul’s entire ministry speaks of regular suffering).
  1. The cross is not enough: Without the resurrection, the call to mission in Acts and in today’s world would be empty nonsense. A dead, nonresurrected Messiah is useless to the church.  
  1. Mission that focuses only on the death of Jesus is not the Good News: (Note: study all the different places in the Bible where it speaks of the “Good News”/Gospel).  
  1. The resurrected Jesus empowers, guides, and gives strength to us in mission.  
  1. Jesus’s resurrection is about evangelizing and ministering to whole people; it is not about rescuing disembodied souls to float on ethereal clouds in heaven.  
  1. The resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead do not involve planet earth ending up in a cosmic dustbin. God will renew creation (Isaiah 65:17–25; 66:18–24; 2 Peter 3:13; and Revelation 21:1–4).
  1. The believer’s final destination is not heaven, but it is the new heavens and new earth- complete with a resurrection body. Resurrection is “life after life- after- death.”  
  1. Salvation is much broader than a message of the afterlife. The verb translated “to save” (sṓzō) means “to save, deliver, make whole, preserve safe from danger, loss, destruction.” Eternal life is a quality of life that does not start when we die, but right now in the present (John 17:2).  
  1. We need to see ourselves as agents of restoration.  
  1. We need to continually affirm and meditate on our identity in the risen Lord (Rom 6: 1-7; Col 3:1-4).