My thoughts on the passing of apologist and author Dr. Norman Geisler

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In case you haven’t heard, well known author and apologist Dr. Norman Geisler has passed away. Dr. Geisler was a prolific author and had taught in several seminaries over the years. It is safe to say that many that are in the apologetics community today have been influenced by Dr. Geisler on some level.  Ravi Zacharias and others all studied under Geisler. I had Dr. Geisler for some classes in my seminary program. Of course, just like every theologian and apologist, I didn’t agree with Dr. Geisler on every single issue. The one thing that struck me was how he was able to take Thomistic thought and weave it into his theology.  After all, Geisler was not Catholic. He found Aquinas to be a very important influence in his own thought. I found his Systematic Theology Volume 1 on Prolegomena to be a very helpful contribution. Geisler was gracious in that he helped other younger apologists to get published. Anyway, I am confident Geisler’s influence will carry on. Rest In Peace!