Eric Chabot

Education: M.A. Southern Evangelical Seminary, Religious Studies. I am planning on doing more graduate studies work.

Graduate of Cross Examined Instructors Apologetics Academy, 2008-see http://www.crossexamined.org

Memberships: The Evangelical Philosophical Society

Primary Interests: Motivating God’s people to understand the need for outreach and apologetic training, contemporary issues in the culture, the need for Christians to engage the university, confronting the current intellectual crisis in the local congregation, philosophy of religion, epistemology, the resurrection, Christian origins, the relationship between early Christology and Jewish monotheism, the relationship between the Tanakh (acronym that is formed from the first three parts of the Hebrew Bible: Torah (the first five books of the Bible), Nevi’ im (the Prophets), and K’ tuvim (the Writings) and the New Testament, the relationship between Israel and the church, Christian theism and other worldviews, apologetic systems, historical method, the genre of the New Testament, the relationship between science and theology, and biblical hermeneutics.

Ministry Experience: Campus outreach minister since 2004.

Founder and Director of Ratio Christi, an apologetics ministry at the The Ohio State University. Website: http://ratiochristi.org/. We have had several well known speakers to the campus such as William Lane Craig, Frank Turek, Michael Licona, Michael Brown, Paul Nelson and others. We have also done students debates on the campus.

Speaking experience:

William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith Chapter in Columbus, Ohio

Wright State University

Ohio Northern University

University of Alabama at Huntsville

Rio Grande Community College

UMJC Conference (2012) on Messianic Apologetics

The National Apologetics Conference in Charlotte, NC (2013)

Churches: I have spoken in several churches. You can see some endorsements here:

Radio Broadcasts

Alex McFarland’s radio show “Truth Talk Live!” To see more about Alex McFarland, see here: http://alexmcfarland.com/

Ryan Dobson: High Ground: Listen here: http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/grounded/custom-player/grounded-222817.html

Evidence 4 Faith: The Resurrection: Listen here: http://www.evidence4faith.com/rss.xml

Nontheology skeptical radio broadcast: Listen here

Deeper Waters Podcast: Dec 2013

Speaking Experience: Midwest Representative for CJF Ministries- 2005 to present. See http://www.cjf.org.

Teaching Experience: Instructor: The Messianic Studies Institute- see http://www.messianicstudiesinstitute.org/course/courses/

The Messianic Studies Institute is an adult education program that has had visiting scholars such as Craig Evans, Darrell Bock, Michael L. Brown, Walter Kaiser, Craig Keener and others.

The following courses are offered by Eric at the Messianic Studies Institute:

Messianic Apologetics: This course addresses the historical, cultural, and theological Jewish objections to Jesus as the Messiah and introduces students to apologetic thinking and methodologies. Many Christians are surprised to hear how many objections Jewish people have to the Messiahship of Jesus. Read more here: http://www.isca-apologetics.org/Jewish Apologetics.pdf. Students are encouraged to read the following books for the class:

Brown, M. Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Vol 1: General and Historical Objections
Brown. M. Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Vol 2: Theological Objections
Brown. M. Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Vol 3. Messianic Prophecy Objections
Brown, M. Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Vol 4: New Testament Objections
Copan, P. and C.A. Evans. Who Was Jesus? A Jewish- Christian Dialogue

The Resurrection- Myth or Fact? An overview of the notion of resurrection as found in the Hebrew Scriptures, select writings of the 2nd Temple period, and the New Testament. Particular emphasis will be placed on the centrality of the resurrection in the NT, the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah, and how the resurrection should affect our daily lives.

Messianic Prophecy: An overview of God’s wonderful promise of the coming of the Messiah in the Jewish Scriptures. Particular emphasis will be placed on the New Testament use of messianic prophecy.

Eric is also an adjunct instructor at Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio.

Writing: Eric blogs for his own blog at Thinkapologetics.com, The Christian Apologetics Alliance and the Apologetics Bloggers Alliance. His articles have been featured on The Poached Egg and Apologetics 315 and elsewhere.

Publications: Messianic Literature Outreach:

Messiology and Jewish Monotheism/Fall 2006

The Impact of Philosophy on the Jewish Community/Winter 2006

The Resurrection/Spring 2007

The Messianic Task/Spring 2008

The Kingdom Of God/Spring 2009

What is Apologetics?/Spring 2009

The Messiah: A Complex Issue: Fall/ 2009

The Jewish Background of the Incarnation In The Gospel of John/ Spring 2010

Prayer in the Book of Acts/Spring 2010

A Defense Of The Four Gospels/Spring 2010

Historical Causation: The Birth Of The Messianic Jewish Community/Autumn 2010

The Reliability Of The Brit Chadasha/Spring 2011

Is Yeshua The Only Way? Summer 2011

God, Are You There? A Cumulative Case For The Existence of God? Fall 2011

Women in the Gospel of Mark: Fall 2012

Yeshua’s High Priestly Ministry In The Book of Hebrews; Explanation and Application: Fall 2012

Learning From Our Master: The Apologetics of Yeshua: Spring 2013

Who Were the First Apologists? Spring 2013

A Theology of Mission: Fall 2013

Who is the One True God? Prophecy as a Verification Test: Fall 2014

Who is the Servant of Isaiah 52:13-53:12? Winter 2014

5 Responses to ABOUT ME

  1. Mike Gantt says:

    I think you are Eric Chabot. The funny thing is, your name is nohwere on this page.

    If you added your name, I could be sure it was you.

    • chab123 says:

      Yep that’s me. I once had it as Eric Chabot. I need to change it back. How is the Jesus myther debates going? I don’t debate that anymore.

  2. Mike Gantt says:

    Nor do I.

    But I still proclaim Christ…and always will. Love the substantive perspectives you always bring on any facet of Him you tackle. Saying this, I am especially fond of how you emphasize His Jewish roots. More and more, I see that the Bible is a more Jewish book than our generation of Christians has ever recognized. That said, I’m not sure that modern-day Jews have all that much better a grip on what that means than modern-day Christians. We must keep digging into the Scriptures and praying to grasp it.

    In any case, keep fighting the good fight. You’re doing a lot of good.

    If anyone reading this is a student of apologetics, know that Eric Chabot and J. Warner Wallace are two of the best practitioners out there right now. They are worthy to copy.

    • chab123 says:

      Very kind words. Thanks you so much. I have been in mission work to Jews for years and have dealt with a lot of their objections. So you are spot on with your observations. I seem to recall you got into it with some mythers like Doherty, etc on Marc G’s page. Have you seen the latest quotes on the Jesus myther issue? I never use wiki as a source. But this was very telling. They will always have a lot of challenges with their position. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AS WELL MIKE! http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Christ_myth_theory?vm=r&s=1

  3. Bless you brother.

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