Eric Chabot


M.A Southern Evangelical Seminary

Cross Examined, Apologetics Instructors Academy, Graduate, 2008

Memberships: The Evangelical Philosophical Society


Motivating God’s people to understand the need for outreach and apologetic training, contemporary issues in the culture, the need for Christians to engage the university, confronting the current intellectual crisis in the local congregation, philosophy of religion, epistemology, the resurrection, Christian origins, the relationship between early Christology and Jewish monotheism, the relationship between the Tanakh and the New Testament,  worldviews, apologetic systems, historical method, the genre of the New Testament, the relationship between science and theology, and hermeneutics.

Ministry Experience: Campus outreach worker/apologist since 2004

Founder and Director of Ratio Christi, an apologetics ministry at the The Ohio State University (64,000 students). I am also the director of Ratio Christi at Columbus State Community College (30,000 students).  Website: http://ratiochristi.org/. We have had several well known speakers to the campus such as William Lane Craig, Frank Turek, Michael Licona, Michael Brown, James Tour, Michael Strauss, James Warner Wallace and others. We have also done students debates on the campus.

Speaking Experience: Midwest Representative for CJF Ministries- 2005 to present.   I have spoken in a variety of churches around the Central Ohio region (see endorsements). Some others include:

Speaking experience: Presentations

Topics have included:

  • A Look at Jesus in Jewish Context: Why is the Culture so Confused About Jesus?
  • Rabbi/Student Relationship: A Look at Discipleship in the First Century and What It Means Today
  • What We Can Learn From Paul: Apostle to Jews and Gentiles
  • Israel and the Nations: God’s Plan For the World
  • How Should a Christian View Israel?
  • Why Jesus is Our Passover Lamb
  • A Look at Messianic Prophecy: Why Jesus is the Jewish Messiah
  • The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah: The Jewish Background of the Resurrection

Apologetics Training: Presentations

  • William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith Chapter in Columbus, Ohio “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist”” Chapel Hill Baptist Church, August, 2011
  • Wright State University, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist” September, 2012
  • Ohio Northern University “General Apologetics” September, 2012
  • Ratio Christi Chapter, University of Alabama at Huntsville, “Messianic Prophecy, The Resurrection of Jesus.” April 2014
  • Rio Grande Community College, “ I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist,” March 2013
  • UMJC Conference (2012), “Messianic Apologetics.” August 2013
  • The National Apologetics Conference in Charlotte, NC, “God and the University,” 2013
  • Ratio Christi Symposium, Charlotte, NC, “Messianic Prophecy.” 2013
  • National Apologetics Conference, Charlotte, NC, The Fact’s of the Resurrection of Jesus. 2015
  • Xenos Summer Institute, “Reaching Jewish People for the Gospel,” July 2014
  • Created Equal, “Apologetics and Outreach Training,” June 2014
  • Xenos Summer Institute, Jewish Eschatology, Summer 2015
  • The F.A.C.T.’s of the Resurrection of Jesus, Chapel Hill Baptist Church, April, 2014
  • UMC Church of the Savior, “Apologetics and Outreach Training,” March 2014
  • Ratio Christi Chapter, UNCW, “Judaism and Jewish People,” March 2014
  • Ratio Christi Chapter, Greensboro, NC Chapter, “The Historical Jesus,” March 2015
  • Columbus, Ohio “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist,” London Correctional Institute, September, 2016
  • Dwell Community Church, Columbus, Ohio, “Covenantal Love and the Jewish People,” July 2016
  • Life Community Church, Columbus, Ohio, “Apologetics and Outreach,” Summer Institute, July 2016
  • Ohio University, Athens, Ohio,”Human Rights, and Moral Values/Duties” September, 2016
  • Westerville Christian Church: “Responding to Religious Pluralism: “Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation?” Jan, 2017
  • Dwell Community Church: Summer Institute: 2017: “Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation?” 
  • National Apologetics Conference, Charlotte, NC, 2017: “Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?”
  • Ratio Christi Chapter Skype Lecture: “Is Jesus the Messiah?”: Wilmington, NC
  • Created Equal: Summer Intern Training, Columbus, Ohio, Summer, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • National Apologetics Conference, Charlotte, NC, 2018, “Answering Common Objections on College Campuses”
  • Ratio Christi Event: Discussion Between Rabbi and Christian about Beliefs
  • Apologetics Training, Linworth Christian Church, Columbus, Ohio, October 2021
  • LCJE Conference, 2022,  “A Case for God’s Existence for Jewish Secularists,” Anaheim, CA

Radio /SkypeBroadcasts

Television Taped Shows: 

Truth Matters: Whey Should a Christian Care About Yom Kippur? 

Trinity Network: “Was Jesus Crucified?” 

Trinity Network: “What Happened at Nicea?” 

Truth Matters: “Is Christian a Pagan Holiday?” 

Teaching Experience

  • The Messianic Studies Institute in Columbus, Ohio.  From 2009- ongoing, teaching meetings at The Ohio State University and a host of other churches that have been mentioned. 

Courses Taught at The Messianic Studies Institute in Columbus, Ohio: 

Courses Taught at Dwell Fellowship, Columbus, Ohio

  • Jewish Roots of Christianity
  • Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus
  • The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah

MJTI: Messianic Jewish Theological Institute

Courses Taught

  • Jewish Apologetics, Summer 2013

 Gospel Lighthouse Church, Columbus, Ohio

Courses Taught

  • Character of God, Character of Man

Youth Ministry Experience

  • Co Youth Leader, Beth Messiah Congregation, Columbus, Ohio, 1999- 2002
  • Ongoing teacher and volunteer of youth activities
  • Leader, Bayt Café Ministry for 20’s

Blog Articles: I note many of my blog posts have been shared on the Poached Egg Apologetics site, Cold Case Christianity, The The Stream,  Cold Case Christianity, and elsewhere.

Publications: Messianic Literature Outreach:

  • Messiology and Jewish Monotheism/Fall 2006
  • The Impact of Philosophy on the Jewish Community/Winter 2006
  • The Resurrection/Spring 2007
  • The Messianic Task/Spring 2008
  • The Kingdom Of God/Spring 2009
  • What is Apologetics?/Spring 2009
  • The Messiah: A Complex Issue: Fall/ 2009
  • The Jewish Background of the Incarnation In The Gospel of John/ Spring 2010
  • Prayer in the Book of Acts/Spring 2010
  • A Defense Of The Four Gospels/Spring 2010
  • Historical Causation: The Birth Of The Jesus Community/Autumn 2010
  • The Reliability Of The New Testament/Spring 2011
  • Is Jesus The Only Way? Summer 2011
  • God, Are You There? A Cumulative Case For The Existence of God? Fall 2011
  • Women in the Gospel of Mark: Fall 2012
  • The High Priestly Ministry of Jesus In The Book of Hebrews; Explanation and Application: Fall 2012
  • Learning From Our Master: The Apologetics of Jesus: Spring 2013
  • Who Were the First Apologists? Spring 2013
  • A Theology of Mission: Fall 2013
  • Who is the One True God? Prophecy as a Verification Test: Fall 2014
  • Who is the Servant of Isaiah 52:13-53:12? Winter 2014
  • Also, Answering Objections to the Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah: Mishkan, 2018

Is Yeshua the Jewish Messiah? by [Eric Chabot]

I have written a short booklet called “Is Yeshua the Jewish Messiah?” It is available for purchase here.

I have also co-authored another book called Does God Exist? Why It Matters. It can be purchased on Amazon.

Does God Exist? Why It Matters by [Chabot, Eric, Van Allsburg, Chris]

I have also written a book called “The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah

The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah by [Eric Chabot]

12 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Mike Gantt January 10, 2014 / 2:25 pm

    I think you are Eric Chabot. The funny thing is, your name is nohwere on this page.

    If you added your name, I could be sure it was you.

    • chab123 January 10, 2014 / 3:10 pm

      Yep that’s me. I once had it as Eric Chabot. I need to change it back. How is the Jesus myther debates going? I don’t debate that anymore.

  2. chab123 January 10, 2014 / 3:27 pm

    Very kind words. Thanks you so much. I have been in mission work to Jews for years and have dealt with a lot of their objections. So you are spot on with your observations. I seem to recall you got into it with some mythers like Doherty, etc on Marc G’s page. Have you seen the latest quotes on the Jesus myther issue? I never use wiki as a source. But this was very telling. They will always have a lot of challenges with their position. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AS WELL MIKE! http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Christ_myth_theory?vm=r&s=1

  3. Mike May 28, 2019 / 10:31 pm

    Thank you for this site! The link to Book Review of Bart D. Ehrman’s Forged: Writing in the Name of God—Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are does not work properly. How can we get copies of this?

  4. Bill July 6, 2019 / 2:57 am

    Hi Eric. i just read your article, “Theism and the Grounding of Human Rights and Human Dignity.”

    Here is my response:

    I’m atheist. I find this article interesting.

    And I disagree with the inferences you provide via quotes from other atheists that a “naturalistic worldview” is based on the goal of reproducing my genes.

    For an atheist to claim that the fundamental goal of life is to reproduce is a leap of faith on the atheist’s part. Each of us was reproduced. Not because our “greedy little gene’s need to reproduce,” but because our parents enjoyed sex. They weren’t deciding to create us. They wanted to engage in sex because sex is pleasurable. We were an unintentional byproduct of their desire to have a little fun.

    Even if they decided it was time to have a baby, they didn’t choose the specific egg and sperm that joined to create each of us. We were a chance selection. The odds were against us being created. We were each an accidental random creation. Had a different egg or sperm joined, you or I would not be here. Some other creature — some other consciousness — would exist.

    And the same is true for every living creature.

    Life does not have a fundamental goal to reproduce. At best, a living organism has an innate desire to not die.

    Given we each have that innate desire to not die, our morals and laws and religions and governments are all derived from that innate – and common – desire: To not die.

    • chab123 July 7, 2019 / 4:49 pm

      Bill, I don’t do much internet discussion. But a few things: random is a word that needs a lot of clarification. Some think it means undirected and non purposeful. The point is many assume random is say t the same thing as a ‘chance.’ Chance isn’t a cause and has no power to do anything. Chance can be used to say there is a mathematical probability and it is something happening without an agent behind it. The universe does have a purpose in that it needs to be rigged certain way for life to even get going on earth. The context of my post was about human rights and dignity, not so much about purpose. Now at conception, the entire process of how a fetus develops and all that jazz displays a final cause, a final end goal. There is a purpose as well. To say otherwise is to ignore science. You may not agree with the comments by other atheists in the post but that’s your problem and something you will have to wrestle with. That’s the reality of Your worldview. If you’re so concerned about not dying and you’re only concerned about human surviving you’re admitting humans matter. But why do humans matter and who says humans matter? You may say they matter and laws may say you matter but what if Hitler or another society says you don’t matter? What if he thinks it’s fine to terminate humans. It happens elsewhere as well. The point is with your worldview your view of humans being valuable and trying to keep them surviving is based on your opinion. I may think you matter and the next guy may say you don’t matter. The post talked about what grounds humans rights and dignity. Your worldview says you come from an impersonal process and you’re just the result of time and chance. On that worldview you have no objective source nor transcendent source to say all humans matter and have humans rights and dignity. You can say “well we are human and we matter.” You are back to the same problem. That’s about it. And if you’re worried about dying I encourage you to look into the resurrection of Jesus. Take care.

  5. Jonathan Singer October 1, 2020 / 10:12 pm

    Eric —
    Good session last night with Brown. Please provide address where I can get archived sessions. Thanks,

    • chab123 October 3, 2020 / 2:57 pm

      Jonathan, if you go to my you tube channel called “Eric Chabot”…. all the clips are on there.

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