As far as leaving comment on this blog, here are some of the guidelines. Whether you chose to follow them is up to you!

  1. If you leave a comment that has nothing to do with the post, I will probably delete it.
  2. If you leave a comment that is nasty and you go off on some rant where you decide to cuss me out or you get really emotional, I will delete it.
  3. If you leave a comment and is not remotely thoughtful or  lacks content and is more of a personal tirade, I will probably delete it. In other words, childish comments are generally deleted.
  4. If I don’t respond your comment, it may mean that I am really busy and just don’t have the time to engage it. Or, it may be that I turned the comments off for a season of time. I don’t do much online debating.
  5. If I say I am no longer interested in discussing the topic or I am done debating the issue, that means I am really done! Translation: That means I don’t read any more comments after that. You may say, “Well, I win and you lose.” Guess what?  You’re welcome to congratulate yourself!
  6. I generally don’t debate whether Jesus existed anymore. I find it to an embarrassment to academia.  I have seen the same objections by Jesus mythers over and over and I am quite bored with the topic. So if you jump around the internet and say things like, “There is not one shred of evidence for the existence of Jesus,” I will delete it. It shows a complete lack of understanding of historical method and epistemology.

2 thoughts on “COMMENT POLICY”

  1. Hello I am a Christian and I am asking for permission to use only parts (bits and pieces) of information from your site for difficult topics around a paragraph in size on my face book page. The first topic I am working on is: Why we can’t see God. Every site I visit has something different that I can eventually put all together in a paragraph for others to read. I will need permission from the others as well. The next topic might be: Why Christianity is different from all the other religions, and so on. I am asking because I don’t want to steal. I am trying to help others, thank you, in Christ Mike

    1. Hi Mike, sure you can use any of the info as long as you just give me the credit. As you probably know, I link to other posts as well. I just put a paragraph or so and then link it. Blessings.

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