“Our congregation was blessed as Eric helped us understand that discipleship in Jesus’ day was far different from the ‘easy believism that does not ask for changed living’ that is so prevalent in America today. Eric was a blessing to us.”–Pastor Linden Good—Mechanicsburg Christian Church, Mechanicsburg, Ohio

“I have known Eric Chabot for over 20 years. Over that time he has demonstrated the ability to communicate the Word of God in a way that is a blessing to all who hear. His messages always challenge Christians to a deeper walk with the Lord. Eric has a heart for Israel and the Jewish people and is quite knowledgeable in all aspects of the Jewish roots of Christianity. Eric is an expert in the areas of bible prophecy, the Jewish roots of the faith, Jewish holy days and their relationship to the New Testament as well as other related topics that will help listeners grasp the Jewish heritage and essence of Christianity. “– Howard Silverman, Congregational Leader, Beth Messiah Congregation, Columbus, Ohio

“Eric has spoken twice at our church and his enthusiasm and Bible knowledge came through loud and clear! His insights into the Jewish context of Jesus’ ministry will open a deeper understanding for your congregation.”–Rev. Ed Beale—Pastor, Sugar Grove United Methodist Church, Washington Court House, Ohio

“Our church was honored to have Eric Chabot with us. His talk on the resurrection was phenomenal. I have never seen this aspect of the resurrection and now understand it from a Jewish perspective. Any church would be blessed to have Eric share on any of the topics he presents.”–Pastor Bill Hayes—Hillview Church, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

“Eric Chabot brought the message ‘Is Jesus the Only Way to Salvation’ to the Valleyview congregation. His presentation was intense, informative, and challenging. We printed copies of his PowerPoint presentation slides for all those who wanted his notes in their personal files, to strengthen their own ‘defense’ of our faith.”–Pastor Wallace White—Valleyview Evangelical Friends Church, Delaware, Ohio

“Eric Chabot blessed our hearts with a renewed vision for the support of Christian missions to God’s chosen nation Israel. The Holy Spirit has blessed Eric with fervent desire to see to it that Israel will hear the only true gospel of salvation which is found through Jesus Christ our Lord. He has a passion to educate the churches of our Lord Jesus with the knowledge of the truth of the Word of God. Eric is straight forward and to the point, I loved it, and I look forward to having him return in the future!”–Pastor Jeffrey Davenport—Airway Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio

“Eric presented to a room full of seekers an informative and challenging message surrounding the facts of Christ’s resurrection. Eric was sensitive to his audience and let the facts be known in an open manner respecting all faiths and worldviews. Everyone was challenged to face the undeniable truths surrounding the empty tomb. It was a great breakfast during the Easter season where Eric’s approachable style was the core reason for its success. I would highly encourage others to invite gifted servants like Eric from the greater body of Christ to help reach your friends and neighbors with the truth of God’s word.”–Patrick Schumer—Volunteer Home Church leader, Xenos Christian Fellowship, Columbus, Ohio

“I have personally had Eric do two presentations on the resurrection at outreach luncheons. Eric’s presentation was informative and definitely will strengthen your faith as a Christian. He also did a great job of presenting the evidence for the resurrection in a way that will compel any seeker to look into the case for Christ.”–Rob Mitchell—Adult Sunday School Teacher, Faith Assembly Worship Center, London, Ohio

“As a trainer myself, I highly recommend Eric Chabot for apologetic training. His material is practical, useful for you and your congregation and so vital in today’s pursuit of truth. You will be more confident and ready to defend your faith as a result.”–Seth Drayer, Created Equal

“Eric Chabot and the team at The Ohio State University is doing amazing work. If you are interested in becoming a good Christian Case Maker, I highly recommend joining Eric and the entire team at the Ohio State campus” – Jim Wallace, author of Cold Case Christianity

” If anyone reading this is a student of apologetics, know that Eric Chabot and J. Warner Wallace are two of the best practitioners out there right now. They are worthy to copy.”- Mike Gantt, Blog For Our Lord Jesus Christ

“I just wanted to thank you for taking time to be with us today. I learned a great deal & better appreciation for the Jewish people – of which I have practically no substantial background knowledge of. Some of the things you said really struck me in a new light. I needed that. Thank you for sharing. You are a gifted teacher “Congregant, Little Flock Fellowship, Ashland, Ohio

“I am so grateful for your dedication to Christ and your heart for Israel!  So easy for Christians to overlook and/or miss the importance of God’s plan for his children … theirs and ours!  Thank you for teaching an eye-opening class”- Congregant, Xenos Christian Fellowship, Columbus, Ohio

“My husband and I learned so much from your class. You are such a wealth of knowledge and we are excited to apply what we learned to try and reach out to his family!”- Congregant, Xenos Christian Fellowship, Columbus, Ohio

“Many Christian students who attend a secular university graduate without their faith in tact— not because the evidence for Christianity is weak, but because they didn’t run into a person like Eric Chabot.  Eric is a bright beacon of truth at Ohio State University.   He’s been skillfully engaging students there for nearly 20 years, and has helped thousands see the reason for the hope that they have.  Every time I’ve spoken at OSU at Eric’s invitation (which is almost every year), I’m amazed by the reach and effectiveness he has on that campus. “– Dr. Frank Turek, co- author, of I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist, and Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need to Make Their Case

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