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Is Jesus the Messiah? Resources For Further Study

What is Messianic Apologetics?

What Can We Know? Epistemology 101 and Religious Belief

If God Made the Universe, Who Made God? By Paul Copan

Bill Nye the Intolerant Science Guy: “Your Kids” Need to “Believe in” Evolution

What Happens When Atheists Don’t Care About Hermeneutics?

A Look at Richard Carrier’s Critique of Bart Ehrman: Part One

A Look at Richard Carrier’s Critique of Bart Ehrman: Part Two

A Look at Richard Carrier’s Critique of Bart Ehrman: Part Three

Bart Ehrman Creates Stir in Atheist Community Over The Existence of Jesus

Ben Witherington’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s Forged

Mike Licona’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s “Forged”

A Response to Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus: Dr. Thomas Howe

From Jesus to Us: A Look at P.O.W.E.R.

The Gospels as Historical Biography (Richard Bauckham)

Was Early Christianity Corrupted by ‘Hellenism’?

Was Jesus Christ just a CopyCat Savior Myth? Glen Miller

Why the Hypothesis that God Raised Jesus from the Dead is the Best Explanation

A Look At Resurrection of Jesus: Why the Hallucination Hypothesis Fails

Jesus and the Reliability of the Bible (Craig Blomberg)

Dr. Tim McGrew Lectures on Alleged Historical Errors in the Gospels of Luke & John

Who wrote the Gospels? Dr. Timothy McGrew

Did Jesus Even Exist?-The Problematic Argument from Silence

84 Confirmed Facts in the Last 16 Chapters of the Book of Acts

59 Confirmed or Historically Probable Facts in the Gospel of John

Does Religion Originate in the Brain? By Paul Copan

Why God Won’t Go Away: Review by Dr. Jay Wile

The Reason Rally: Does The God Delusion Really Lead to Rationality?

Does   the Old Testament Endorse Slavery? An Overview: Paul Copan

The   Zeitgeist Movie & Other Myth Claims about Jesus: Gregory Koukl

Same Old New Atheism: On Sam Harris

Could the Resurrection Appearances Have Been a Group Hallucination? Glen Miller

Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? Messianic Apologetics/Tips in Understanding Messianic Prophecy

On Parallels between Christianity and the   Mystery Religions

If You Cannot Scientifically Prove Your Belief, Is It Meaningless? By Paul Copan
Handling an Objection: We Can’t Trust Eyewitness Testimony!
Handling an Objection: “But I Can’t See God!”
Why Do People Completely Misunderstand the Word “Faith?”
John Lennox: God’s Undertaker – Has science buried God?
Comparing Four Apologetic Systems-Classical, Historical, Presuppositional and Cumulative Case Apologetics
Historical Epistemology: What Can We Know About Jesus?

Does the Bible say Jesus is   God? Explicit and Implicit Christology
A Look at Jewish Messianism: A Crucified Messiah:What An Embarrassment!
Dr. Darrell Bock-The issue of oral tradition
Dr. Darrell Bock – Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John actually author the gospel accounts?
Do You Rely On Authorities?
The Starting Point for Discussions About Jesus: Bart Ehrman and The Historical Bedrock
Atheist Stumped by Overwhelming Evidence for Jesus’ Existence…From an AGNOSTIC LIBERAL Scholar!
Lawful Authority and Just Wars: By Matthew Flannagan
Peter Williams Lecturing on The Reliability of the Gospels
How can Jesus be God when the Hebrew Bible says God is not a man?
How Does Ratio Christi Fit into the Apologetics Movement?
It is Why They are Called Atheists: By Greg Koukl
Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery? An Overview: Paul Copan
Reviewing Some of the Basics of the Cosmological Argument
Has Science Made Belief In God Unreasonable? (J. P. Moreland)
The 8 E’s of Testimony in the New Testament
Was Jesus a Failed Apocalyptic Prophet?
Christianity Today: Apologetics Makes a Comeback Among Youth
Why Does Science Work?
Reading and Writing in the Time of Jesus– by Alan Millard
The God Delusion-A Summary Critique by Dr. Douglas Groothuis
Ancient and Modern Historiography: What Are The Gospels?
Second Temple Judaism and the Problem with the Mystery Religions/Paganism Hypothesis
Could a universe create itself? By Edgar Andrews
Atheist says Africa needs Christian Missionaries
Mike Licona’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s “Forged”
The Implications of Eyewitness Tradition: Dr. Craig Evans
A Response to Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus: Dr. Thomas Howe

 Miracles: Dr. Tim McGrew: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy?
The Thomistic Cosmological Argument: David Beck

The Earliest Record of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus-1 Corinthians 15:3-7
12 Books: Recommended Reading
The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach by Michael R. Licona
The Absurdity of Life Without God William Lane Craig
Reflections/Advice on Atheism/Theism Discussions
The Gospels as Fairy Tales and the Telephone Game Dilemma: A Question of Historicity: By Andrew Lyles
The Jesus of Faith or The Jesus of History: A False Dichotomy
Suggested Reading on the Resurrection
What Can We Know About Jesus: A Friendly Response From Ratio Christi
Reflections and Complaints on the Divine Revelation Model
The Zeitgeist Challenge: Refutations
The Nature of Truth and Tests for Truth
Jesus And His Contemporaries: A Look At The Miracles of Jesus
Do All Roads Lead To God?
Why Would God Become a Jewish Man? A Look At The Incarnation
A Look at David Naugle’s Worldview
Atheist Thinks Africa Needs God
Why Do Christians Need To Share Their Faith? The Need For A Verbal Witness
Book Spotlight: Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God
How Philosophy Has Impacted The Bible
What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?
Kardiatheology-What About The Hardness of Heart?
Apologetics: A Tough Job, But Does Somebody Have To Do It?
A Look at Bart Ehrman: Agreements and Disagreements
Miracles and Modern Scientific Thought: Norman Geisler
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?: Richard Dawkins’ Failed Rebuttal of Natural Theology
The Zeitgeist Movie & Other Myth Claims about Jesus: Gregory Koukl
Paul Copan: “The Presumptuousness of Atheism”The Justification of Theism: Richard G. Swinburne
Why Ohio State Needs Ratio Christi
First Principles and God’s Existence
The Dawkins Delusion, by Professor Alister E. McGrath
God, Naturalism, and the Foundations of Morality: Dr. Paul Copan
The Plight of the New Atheism: Gary Habermas
Responding to the Argument from Evil: Three Approaches for the Theist
Naturalism: A World View: L. Russ Bush III
Miracles, Intelligent Design,and God-of-the-Gaps: Jack Collins
The Anthropic Principle:Is the fine tuning of nature due to a Multiverse and/or Intelligent Design? Craig Rusbult, Ph.D.
Why the Universe Is the Way It Is and More Than A Theory: Hugh Ross
Resurgent Atheism
Any Absolutes? Absolutely! By Norman Geisler
Did Jesus Really Exist? By Paul L. Maier, The Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University
Has Science Eliminated God? Alister McGrath
Josephus and Jesus: By Paul L. Maier, The Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University
Is the Purpose of the Bible to Prove God’s Existence?
Fine Tuning The Multiverse Theory: Peter May
Who is God? Comparing Atheism, Theism, Deism, Pantheism, and Polytheism: A Closer Look
What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?
A Look at Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion
How Reason Can Help Your Faith
Did The Universe Know We Were Coming? A Look at the Fine Tuning Argument
An Apologetic for Apologetics
Old News! A Look at the So-Called Contradictions in the Gospels
Do Christians Get Brownie Points For Being Ignorant? The Relationship Between The Holy Spirit and Apologetics

Miracles-Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence? <a

God Is Great, God Is Good: Why Believing in God Is Reasonable and Responsible
Why Isn’t God More Obvious? Show Me A Sign!
Logic and God
Self- Refuting Statements
Reflections on the Bart Ehrman/Michael Brown Debate at The Ohio State University
Why Don’t Christians Think?
Did Morality Come Before Religion?
The Vertical Cosmological Argument
Science and Faith: Friends or Foes?

Mike Licona/Bart Bart Ehrman: Can Historians Prove That Jesus Rose From The Dead?
Did Jesus Rise From The Dead? Bart Ehrman Vs William Lane Craig
Dinesh D’Souza vs Christopher Hitchens
William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens debate: Q &A
The God Delusion Debate: Richard Dawkins-John Lennox
Christopher Hitchens vs Jay Richards Debate
Christopher Hitchens/Frank Turek Debate: Does God Exist?

Articles: Reliability of New Testament/The Resurrection/Atheism, Cultural Apologetics/Christology

Paul Copan: “Are Old Testament Laws Evil?” from God Is Great, God Is Good: Why Believing in God Is Reasonable and Responsible, eds. William Lane Craig and Chad V. Meister. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2009.
Paul Copan: “The Presumptuousness of Atheism”
The Dating of the New Testament: Norman Geisler
Willam Lane Craig: God Is Not Dead Yet
Recent Perspectives on the Reliability of the Gospels: Gary Habermas
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewishness of the Gospels -Craig Evans
Archeology and the Historical Reliability of the New Testament: Peter S. Williams
Articles by J.P. Moreland
The Return of the God Hypothesis: Stephen C. Meyer
Introduction: Blackwell’s Companion To Natural Theology: J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig
Historic Doubts Relative To Richard Whately: Did the Archbishop Believe in Miracles?
The Argument From Miracles: Daniel Bonevac
The Good Life: J.P. Moreland
The Metaphysics of Theism: Norman Kreztmann
Perspectives on Science and The Christian Faith
The Nature and Value of Knowledge: Three Investigations
Michael F. Bird, “The Purpose and Preservation of the Jesus Tradition: Moderate Evidence for a Conserving Force in its Transmission
Lifelines: The Historical Jesus Part 11/-The Contribution of Tom Wright
The Jewish Context of Jesus’ Miracles: Eric Eve
“Did God Become a Jew? A Defense of the Incarnation.” -Paul Copan
Jesus and Prophetic Actions: Scot McKnight
Jesus and the Twelve: Scot McKnight
James M. Arlandson: Historical Reliability of the Gospels
Richard Bauckham:
The Women & the Resurrection
Mark R. Saucy: Miracles Jesus’ Proclamation of The Kingdom of God
Matthew’s Intention to Write History: J.W. Scott
For a review of The God Delusion, see Alvin Plantinga’s article here
The Zeitgeist Movie & Other Myth Claims about Jesus: Gregory Koukl
Does the Bible say Jesus is God? Explicit and Implicit Christology
Two Sources of the Knowledge of God by Prof. Robert C. Koons (University of Texas at Austin)
Understanding the Times : The Collision of Today’s Competing Worldviews / David A. Noebel
Craig Blomberg: The Historical Reliability of John
The Historical Reliability of the Gospels: Craig Blomberg
Michael Pahl, “Is Jesus Lost? Evangelicals and the Search for the Historical Jesus
Gerhardsson, Birger: Introduction to The Reliability of the Gospel Tradition
Resurrecting Old Arguments: Responding to Four Essays: N.T. Wright
Craig Blomberg: Jesus of Nazareth: How Historians Can Know Him And Why It Matters:
The Purpose and Preservation of the Jesus Tradition: Moderate Evidence for a Conserving Force in its Transmission: MICHAEL F. BIRD
Mark Roberts: The Game of Telephone and Oral Tradition:
The Gospels as Historical Testimony: Paul Merkley
Shandon L. Guthrie:Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus
A Note on the Percent of the Accuracy of the New Testament Text:
Resurrection claims in non-Christian religions: Gary Habermas
Richard Bauckham: For whom were the Gospels written?
They Really Saw Him: Gary Burge Interview with Richard Bauckham
Richard Bauckham on Jesus and the Eyewitnesses
Ben Witherington’s Review of Earl Doherty’s The Jesus Puzzle
Doubt and the Vain Search for Certainty: Alistar McGrath (Great article on atheism):
What is Truth? Dr. Norman Geisler
A New Day For Apologetics: Troy Anderson
Why Happiness Isn’t a Feeling: Dr. J.P Moreland
Does The Argument For Mind Provide Evidence For God? Dr. J.P. Moreland
Is the God of the Old Testament a moral monster? To see an extensive treatment of this issue, see Christian philosopher Dr. Paul Copan
Prominent Atheist Professor of Law and Philosophy Thomas Nagel Calls Intelligent Design Scientific and Constitutional to “Mention” in Science Classes
Euthyphro’s Dilemma:Greg Koukl
The Cosmological Argument: Where did God Come from? The singularity and Who is Agent X?
Who Are You and What are You Up To? J.P. Moreland
The Fine Tuning Argument: This is a series of essays by Robin Collins
Worldview Apologetics: Eric Chabot
Faith or Reason?
Yeshua’s Right To David’s Throne: Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? Messianic Apologetics/Tips in Understanding Messianic Prophecy
Is Jesus The Only Way? A Look At Religious Pluralism:Eric Chabot
Christopher Wright: The Old Testament and Christian Mission
The Biblical Basis of the Doctrine of the Trinity: Outline: Robert M. Bowman Jr
Why I believe the New Testament is historically reliable: Gary Habermas

Resurrection- An Overview: Eric Chabot
Discipleship of the Mind/The Recovery of the Christian Mind: Eric Chabot
Christianity as a Knowledge Tradition: J.P. Moreland
Which Revelation is True/Is Religious Experience a Test For Truth? Eric Chabot
Who Do You Say I Am? A Look at Jesus: Eric Chabot
What Do We Know? Doug Beaumont
Is Hell Fair? Doug Beaumont
The Existence of Chuck Norris: Doug Beaumont
Why Jesus Instead of the Buddha? Harold Netland
Is Muhammad a True Prophet? Doug Beaumont
Is the Quran from God? Doug Beaumont
Absolutism vs. Relativism: Doug Beaumont
A Non-Religious Discussion of God’s Existence Based on Aquinas’ Third Way: Doug Beaumont
Mortimer Adler’s Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God
Signature In The Cell by Stephen C. Meyer
The Problem of Miracles: A Historical and Philosophical Perspective: William Lane Craig
Two Testaments: One Story
Is Belief in Jesus Necessary? The Answer to Religious Inclusivism: Ronald H. Nash
Jesus’ Resurrection and Christian Origins: N.T. Wright
Paul Copan: Yahweh Wars and the Canaanites: Divinely-Mandated Genocide or Corporate Capital Punishment?
What Are First Principles?
Jewish Scripture and the Literacy of Jesus: Craig Evans
Messianic Hopes and Messianic Figures
In Late Antiquity:
Craig Evans
The Argument from Miracles:
A Cumulative Case for the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
: Tim and Lydia McGrew
Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Religions?: Ronald Nash
Jesus, Canon and Theology: Darrell L. Bock, Dan Wallace, and Ben Witherington
God, Naturalism, and the Foundations of Morality: Dr. Paul Copan
The Natural Law Is What We Naturally Know: Jay Budziszewski
Christian Apologetics Manifesto 2003:
Atheist Says Africa Needs More Missionaries
Miracles and Modern Scientific Thought: Norman Geisler
The Justification of Theism: Richard G. Swinburne
Science, Metaphysics, and Worldviews: James Stump
The Experiential Basis of Theism: William P. Alston
Christian Faith and Scholarship
The Plight of the New Atheism: Gary Habermas
Developing an Apologetic Character:J. P. Moreland, Ph.D.
Additional Links:
Thomas Aquinas
Aquinas Translation Project
Dumb Ox Books
Thomistic Philosophy – the philosophy Thomas Aquinas
Summit Ministries
The Carl F.H. Henry Institute for Intellectual Discipleship
The Truth Project
What is a worldview? — Definition & Introduction
All About Archaeology
Archaeology and the Book of Acts: John McRay
Reading and Writing at the Time of Jesus: Alan Millard
Biblical Contradictions
Bible Difficulties
Errors and Contradictions in the Bible?
Biblical Texts
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts
The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism
Science: Creation/Evolution/Origins
The Trustworthiness of Scripture in Areas Relating to Natural Science: Walter L. Bradley, Ph.D and Roger Olsen
The Act of Creation: Bridging Transcendence and Immanence: William A.Dembski, Ph.D.
The American Scientific Affiliation: Science in Christian Perspective
Dr John Polkinghorne
What every theologian should know about creation, evolution and design: William A.Dembski, Ph.D
What is Scientific Naturalism? J.P. Moreland
Problems With Naturalism
Dallas Willard: Knowledge and Naturalism
A Defense of Alvin Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism : Troy M. Nunley
Anthony Matteo: Reasonable Doubt: Why naturalism might not be able to solve the problem of consciousness
C.S. Lewis’s Case Against Naturalism: Steven Lovell
The Great Cloud of Unknowing: From Naturalism to Nihilism Through Epistemology: Douglas Groothuis
Messianism/Prophecy/The Relationship Between Judaism/Christianity/Old and New Testament
Marshall, I. Howard: The Messiah in the First Century: A Review Article
Miller, Glenn: Messianic Expectations in 1st Century Judaism: Documentation from Non-Christian Sources
Evans, Craig A: Introduction to From Prophecy to Testament: The Function of the Old Testament in the New
Miller, Glenn: Did the Messianic Jewish Believers Use the OT Deceitfully or Ignorantly in the New Testament?
The Messiah in Light of Rabbinical Writings: Risto Santala
Nickelsburg, George W: Reading the Hebrew Scriptures in the First Century: Christian
Interpretations in Their Jewish Context

Ellis, E. Earle:Jesus’ Use of the Old Testament and the Genesis of New Testament Theology
Bock, Darrell L. Evangelicals and the Use of the Old Testament in the New: Part I
Bock, Darrell L.: Evangelicals and the Use of the Old Testament in the New: Part II
Skarsaune, Oskar:The Cultural Dimension: Judaism and Hellenism”, Chapter 1 of In the Shadow of the Temple: Jewish Influences on Early Christianity
Sanders, E.P.:Jesus in Historical Context
Christopher Wright: A Christian Approach To Old Testament Prophecy Concerning Israel
Textual Reliability of the Bible:Canon/How We Got the Bible/New Testament
Wallace, Daniel B: The Gospel According to Bart: A Review of Bart D. Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why
Köstenberger, Andreas J.:Is the Bible Today What Was Originally Written?
Bruce, F.F.”The New Testament Documents: Their Date and Attestation”, Chapter 2 of The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?
Kent, Homer A.: How We Got the New Testament
Nicole, Roger: The Canon of The New Testament
Schnabel, Eckhard J.:History, Theology and the Biblical Canon: an Introduction to Basic Issues
Evans, Craig A.:”Introduction” to Ancient Texts for New Testament Studies: A Guide to the Background Literature
McCann, Vincent :In What Ways Does a Knowledge of Intertestamental History and Literature Shed Light on the New Testament Gospels, which a Knowledge of the Old Testament Books Alone Could Not

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