Resources on the “What Caused God?” Objection

Over the last two days, I have had three atheists ask me the common pop atheism objection, “What caused God?” I have been asked this no less than a 100 times over the last several years. Given the internet and popular culture, this objection will  probably never go away.  Hence, people confuse two categories- the made and the Unmade. Of course, to assume that there are no immaterial realities is patently false. Remember, the nature of the object determines how we know it. Whatever is made has composition. Obviously, from the Orthodox Christian view, God has no composition. The Hebrew word for one is “echad” which leaves room for a plurality within a unity of substance- but there is no implication of a plurality of beings or parts within a being. Scripture admonishes mankind about making any physical image of God (Exodus 20:4). God is pure spirit ( John 4:24). He has no parts and is an immaterial Being. Hence, the God of the Bible is unmade. Anyway, here are few resources that may help:

J.P. Moreland: What Caused God? 

Video: J.P. Moreland: What Caused God?

Edward Feser” “So You Think You Understand The Cosmological Argument?” 

Paul Copan; If God Made the Universe, Who Made God?


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