Bernie Sanders Challenges Nominee Over Exclusive Claims of Gospel

I usually never post anything related to politics. But this clip caught my eye. Here, Bernie Sanders grills a Trump nominee over the exclusive claims of Jesus. Notice, Sanders only challenges the nominee’s religious beliefs about the exclusive claims of Jesus. Sanders nor the nominee never seem to put the burden back on what Jesus or the NT authors  says about such claims. From a tactical perspective, if I had been the nominee here, I would of told Sanders that he needs to wrestle what Jesus and the NT say about such a topic. Also, Sanders comes to the defense of Muslims. But he seems to be ignorant of the fact that many Muslims think both Christians and Jewish people are doomed. I have even had Muslims tell me I am condemned.  So Sanders is obvious to what is happening in our culture.  As of today, a large majority of the religious landscape is dominated by religious pluralism. Pluralism is the belief that every religion is true. In other words, each faith provides a genuine religious experience with the Ultimate, and while others may be better than others, all are adequate. How can the disciple of Jesus make an exclusive truth claim that Jesus is the only way of salvation for mankind? I have blogged in greater length on the challenge of religious pluralism here.

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I also have a short You Tube clip here: